Welcome to our page on Consumer Packaged Goods. Here you will have access to weekly analytical blog posts about articles, news sources, and CPG companies, as well as an original e-book and video. Six individuals have come together to make this site and its information interesting and relevant to you. Feel free to delve deeper and get to know the owners of this site better below.

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The owners of this site are students of the SMAD 341 course at James Madison University:

Daniel Benn is a senior Corporate Communications and Spanish double major. He is currently the blog’s project manager, and is in charge of managing and aiding execution of projects, clarifying any muddled ideas and organizing group meetings.

Rachel Chesno is a junior Corporate Communications major with a double minor in Music Industry and British Communications and Media. She hopes to become an Artist & Repertoire representative or artist manager in the future. She currently is the main editor and web designer for the blog.

Paul Heitsch is a returning adult student in the BIS program, working towards a degree in eLearning/ePublishing. He has been an audio production professional for over two decades, and is in charge of the audio portion of the blog’s video presentation.

Pierce Gulley is a junior Corporate Communications and Spanish double major. Graduating in the spring of 2014, he plans to pursue a career in marketing. He is currently the main researcher for the blog, as well as helping with editing and investigation.

Jen Parravani is a junior Corporate Communications and Sociology double major and currently serves as the creative direction for the blog. Her roles include graphic design and bringing life to the ideas in the form of the ebook.

Brian Scholl is a junior Corporate Communications major who has spent the last two summers producing videos for an outdoor adventure camp in California. He loves using social media for photo sharing and currently works as the videographer for the blog.