Even if you and your company are not yet a part of the social media application Twitter, your company may be discussing joining it already. Taking control of the conversation is in your hands.  Thousands of businesses and organizations are already moving to Twitter to engage with their fans, customers and potential clients.  A presence on Twitter allows an organization to respond to questions, promote their products or services, and add a human element their company.

Here is an article from Visible Technologies, a corporation helping companies understand social media, discussing the best applications of Twitter for corporate communications, marketing, and customer service:


A Twitter account can be set up for free with a relatively simple process, even for those unfamiliar with newer technologies.  It is key in creating a dialogue with your publics, which has likely started before your participation, and is necessary to create a relationship with your consumers. Would you rather two people be talking about your company behind your back or to be present and able to start and shape the dialogue?  The answer is obvious.

Not only can you shape or create an image for your company, but you can help market it as well.  There are millions of people on Twitter for you to foster a relationship with while also maintaining a relationship with current customers.  In addition to making your company seen by potential clients and customers, you can interact with the ones that you already have, thus benefiting your corporate image.  Twitter makes customer service easy because of its public design.  Any service or help that you provide one customer can be seen by all through the twittersphere.  Not only does it help your current clients, but also leaves a good impression on potential consumers.

Here is the CEO of Comcast talking about how Twitter changed his company.  What can it do for yours?

-Pierce Gulley


~ by goodpackagedconsumers on September 15, 2012.