As the Internet connections that tie us to our friends, colleagues, family and role models multiply and strengthen by the minute, social media becomes increasingly more necessary in daily life. As the world stands at the corner of change and progress, social media allows for ordinary people to become leaders in the marketplace. As economist Max Fraad Wolff discusses in his Huffington Post article entitled, “Social Media: The Big Picture,” readers delve into the world of ‘infotainment’.  Debating whether the rising use of social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are simply a fad or here to stay, Wolff parallels their growing popularity to that of radio and film in the 1920s and 1930s.

2012 is (hopefully) on the upward swing of the Great Recession, and the use of social media allows consumers to debate, discuss and buy products online, instead of in line. By forcing one’s self into the discussion with the cheap and widely recognized applications, one is able to deliver information, not simply receive it. Note that at the very top of the article, readers have access to simple tools for them to easily share on their chosen social media platforms.

Businesses need to take into account the large number of people using social media, and the impact they have on both the product and other consumers. While film and radio proved to be an escape from reality for those suffering in the Great Depression, online resources and social media applications are forcing reality on to the internet. Wolff recognizes the consumer’s need for engagement, and the capability that new technology (especially mobile media) has given corporations into doing so easily and effectively.

As social media continues to climb in popularity, those corporations unfamiliar with the new technology may also find that they are lost with the vocabulary that has been accumulated.  Tamara Patzer, author of “Ask TAMI” at Next Century Studios, explains some of the new terminology to help keep businesses up to date with their consumers.

-Rachel Chesno


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