If you want a few pointers on how to get people talking about your products before they even hit shelves, check out “What you can learn about making an announcement…” by Murray Newlands featured on The CEO of online marketing firm Influence People, Murray created the webisode series Future of Engagement. The webisode featured in the article about Apple’s launch of the Iphone 5 can also be seen here:

The article and video give pointers on a cheap and effective way to market your new product by looking at how Apple uses buzz marketing to make the launch of their new Iphone 5 a highly anticipated event. Murray assumes that your company has a loyal following on social media and a reputation for great products, similar to the following Apple has established. However, even if you are not at a level near Apple, these strategies will help spread your name around different communities of consumers.

Give your trusted bloggers and influential media news and updates; the “inside-scoop” about your product months before they are released. Keep these sources in the conversation of how the development of your product is progressing. Murray makes the point of saying you should not barrage your audience with a list of technical aspects, but instead the personal aspects of your product. How your product will make their lives easier or better acts as a stronger selling point to the masses. Nevertheless, be careful not to over advertise the product.

Send your selected media a personal invitation to your product launch event and make the event a huge deal. Apple does an exceptional job of doing this as they shut down their online store when the latest product is being released. This is a tactic, however, that only a few companies can afford. If you feel that shutting down your online store and redirecting consumers to a live stream of the launch event, than it may be worth it in the long run.

Murray ends his webisode referring to an online service that provides data on how well your new product is buzzing in the social media world. Check out Alerti for a social media monitoring and management service.

-Brian Scholl


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