Of the American population, 42.3 percent are on Facebook.  Eight percent of Americans who are online use Twitter.  YouTube is a close second to Google as the next most used search engine in the world.

With those numbers in mind; any responsible business person needs to claim their land in the world of social media.  Create a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, and a Linkedin profile, and fill it out completely.  Relationships are built and maintained on the social web.  Allow people to get to know who you are and what you stand for honestly and transparently.

Facebook is the most widely used American social media tool.  Commonly, it is utilized for personal use, but businesses can use their tools to create a unique platform with fans and potential customers.  The video, Social Media Show + Tell: Why use Facebook for Businesses shows us why and how.

Marketing businesses is no longer a one way street.  If a business creates a page that they share with loyal fans, these fans can like, comment or share the page and any news they receive with friends.  Your fans advocate for you, and businesses have the ability to explode onto the social landscape with minimal upkeep and labor.

Successful Facebook models have a catchy title that reflects the business.  They customize it with pictures, relevant information about the company, and a brief history.  More creative users create Facebook Markup Language (FBML) graphics which make their pages pop and strays away from the formulaic page initially offered by Facebook.

The bottom line is to encourage community interaction.  Make the people want to communicate, and constantly evaluate and change based on their response.

-Daniel Benn


~ by goodpackagedconsumers on September 16, 2012.