There is no perfect procedure for putting together a social media campaign.  With today’s instantaneous feedback, a plan can fall flat on its face within days.    Advertisement campaigns now respond to fans’ questions, comments and concerns; a job important enough to require its own title.  These social and emerging media analysts must constantly monitor what people are saying on Twitter, Facebook, and other popular platforms to decide whether or not their strategy is performing successfully.

Coca Cola does this with their strategy Content 2020.  Their basic goal is to move from creative excellence to content excellence with the use of social media.  With the slogan, Live Positively, they encourage consumer conversation 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Coca Cola’s strategy outlines the concept of liquid.  In chapter one of the video, at 0:18, they describe how they are creating a conversation with their consumers.  They do this by creating such contagious ideas that generate an excitement that cannot be controlled.  This buzz, named liquid, links consumers to their product, and aligns them automatically with the business objectives of the company and its brand.

Liquid signifies unique and dynamic storytelling.  This facilitation of open dialogue within Coca Cola’s customers is a powerful and necessary social media tactic.  Content is shareable, with the ability to flow across networks, cultures and personal interest.  The new generation of creating a product is a grassroots approach.  The people decide what is exciting and deserving of their attention.

Content in the social media climate must not just create noise.  It must be integrated into the lives of consumers.  Coca Cola’s general social media tactic strives to do just that, and allows the consumers the choice to subscribe to their plan or not.


-Daniel Benn


~ by goodpackagedconsumers on September 23, 2012.