In the consumer packaged goods industry, packaging your product is almost as important as the product itself. The first thing your consumers see and feel is your packaging and first impressions do matter.

This month Absolut Vodka has shipped out nearly four million of their latest special edition bottles, Absolut Unique, to various countries across the globe. It is very common for a company to use the ‘special edition’ marketing strategy to sell their product, but rarely do you see a company produce four million individually designed bottles – not one looks the same. The Article “Absolut Makes Splash with Nearly Four Million Unique Bottles” by E.J. Schultz describes the impact this massive marketing campaign has had on Absolut and for the entire CPG industry by bringing a whole new meaning to “limited edition.”

Absolut is leaning heavily on word of mouth to make some profit after adding splash guns and color generating machines to produce nearly four million one-of-a-kind designs – and it seems to be working. They are using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to encourage word-of-mouth marketing and people are definitely talking. They’re demand is so high that the bottles are being sold and traded on the Absolut Vodka Unique Edition Facebook group.

Their youtube video, Absolut Unique – Behind the Scenes has hit 64,000 hits in two weeks and if you start the video at 2:06 and watch till the end, you get a visual feel for their slogan, “ONE OF A KIND. MILLIONS OF EXPRESSIONS.”

By adding a human element to its product, uniqueness, Absolut has captured and pleased its audience. Well done.

-Brian Scholl


~ by goodpackagedconsumers on September 23, 2012.