The best way to use social media is by creating an emotional relationship with your brand, and Coca Cola has done this very well.  Last week, in the “Coca Cola Social Media Strategy” post, the focus was on the company’s general use of social media, mainly Facebook.  Recently, they have gone much further.  They invited billions of people around the world to “Open Happiness” in their global integrated marketing campaign, which served as a promotional tool, and an outdoor and print advertising medium, which included digital and musical components.  This program rolled out successfully in markets around the world beginning in 2009 and has continued up to present day.

The first test was on a single college campus.  Since, they have spread Happiness vending machines across the globe, and as you can see in this video, Oslo Norway.

Now, they have gone ever further than vending machines.  Their more recent projects include rigging convenience stores to surprise unsuspecting Coca Cola drinkers.  In this video, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a Happiness truck circles the city streets and hands passersby small Coke gifts.

The simple goal of the Happiness campaign was to make people slow down from their busy routines, and share a laugh (and hopefully a Coke) with others.  They made it into a game, and dropped loads of extra money giving away not only free soda, but merchandise, sodas, and a surfboard (see 2:04 of the Rio video above).  Coca Cola created their own success by creating strong emotional ties whenever one sees a Coke.  Not only among those who get the gifts from the vending machines, trucks, and stores, but those who watch the viral videos and subscribe to Coca Cola’s fun campaign.  That is the way to use social media successfully.

-Daniel Benn


~ by goodpackagedconsumers on October 1, 2012.