Many brands try to spread awareness of their products or services on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.  Some are successful and others are not but Unilever hit the jackpot with social marketing when it promoted its Marmite cereal bars on Facebook.

Facebook features advertisements that are placed on pages of a certain target demographic.  In an effort to target their ideal demographic a company can choose to be shown to only a certain age group or gender and then advertise more effectively.  This is an advantage over regular television, print and radio advertising because you cannot know exactly who is receiving your message.

 Unilever aimed their advertisements on mothers and adults in the UK between      the ages of 16 to 44.  The ad offered one free cereal bar per person and included  a list of names of Facebook friends who had already received theirs.  Unilever benefited from this because not only were the advertisements utilizing the reach and selectiveness that only Facebook could provide but they also made use of  the social benefit of Facebook by showing users that their friends were already fans of the product.

The campaign was responsible for 21 million impressions in two weeks, 10% increase in Facebook connections and 33,000 samples distributed. Unilever was the first fast moving consumer packaged goods company in the UK to utilize this strategy but surely they will not be last given their success.

Unilever did not stop there with advertising using social media and on Facebook.  Here the Vice President of Global Media Innovation at Unilever, Babs Rangaiah talks about how the internet has changed “everything consumers do.”  At 3:38 he talks about a Dove womens soap wesbite that can be customized by the consumer to make it more fitting for them.  At 4:12 he talks about a campaign for Axe Body Spray targeted at 16-24 yr old males that allows them to select an Axe female model to be their alarm clock.  Really interesting and groundbreaking stuff

-Pierce Gulley


~ by goodpackagedconsumers on October 1, 2012.