Social media allows for big businesses to reach their consumers easily and efficiently, however with the millions of users on these different social media sites, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to keep up. In the article, “Exclusive Study: Big Brands That Fail on Twitter,” Courtney Myers looks into the use of social media as a customer service tool, and what she found was less than spectacular.

Big brands are using twitter as more of a billboard, than a conversation place, and it is directly related to their customer satisfaction. Conversocial, a tool that helps brands manage their social media mentions and interactions, was able to track over 8,000 mentions of ten major brands in the U.S. to see how well the conversation was flowing. In the time period used to collect data, only 13% of the mentions received a response. Even though some comments did get answered, many brands took over two days to respond, or didn’t monitor their feed over the weekend.

The majority of the mentions were direct complaints or suggestions seeking an answer, but were not attended to by either social media staff or customer service. The Gap was one of the worst offenders as all mentions and interactions were left unanswered, but still visible for other consumers to see. This leaves a huge hole for consumers to continue a negative conversation that ostracizes the brand.

Instead of using Twitter has a billboard to blast consumers with advertisements, the ‘social media customer service team’ effort is coming to be a necessary tool for big brands. Having a large team of workers trained to answer customer’s questions and also deal with customer service issues like returns and exchanges will prove extremely beneficial to the company’s sales and reputation.

Mike McGrail of The Social Penguin Blog, discusses the “Ten Things a Brand Should Never do on Twitter.” This list discusses timely responses in its third rank, while also mentioning the importance of proper grammar (number nine) and the use of automatic Direct Messages (number one).


-Rachel Chesno


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