Mega corporations are always at risk of crisis.  With the new social media landscape, they barely have control over their brand.  People say what they think, and if they are given reason to say things that are negative, the company can barely control the backlash.

On December 20, 2011, a FedEx delivery man was caught throwing a computer monitor over a fence.  In the 21 second security video, the man is shown taking the package from the back of his van and walking along the gate that surrounds the home.  When he reaches the door he carelessly throws the obviously fragile computer monitor onto the driveway on the other side of the gate. The man didn’t miss a beat, or even try to ring the doorbell.

The video sparked negative customer reviews, comments, articles on the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, the Chicago Tribune and more, and general discontent directed toward FedEx.  Adding to the list of grievances, the customer said he was home when the monitor was delivered.

To deal with a crisis like this one, a corporation needs to have corporate social media policies to be enforced by professionals.  Monitor this kind of activity in real time, and respond to customers concerns.  Fed Ex did a great job at responding by posting a video, featured below, that apologized directly to the customer and all of those who have had issues with Fed Ex.  They did all that they could, and even though the viral video of the delivery man had more hits than their apology did, they performed their due diligence to the utmost.

-Daniel Benn


~ by goodpackagedconsumers on October 8, 2012.