Businesses that are not present in the social media landscape are archaic.  Twitter, Facebook, blogs; corporate or not, and other interactive sites increase accessibility and accountability to major corporations.  Big suits, old white men, and resentment toward every and all executives has been replaced with a new and dynamic impression of big money.  Corporations that did not have a face now do.

Yet still, consumer behavior is changing must faster than companies are adapting.  There has been a recent push, but as a Genesys study proves in the article Big Companies Aren’t Using Social Media for Customer Service, companies are still seeing social media through the lens of marketing, not as a part of their branding strategies.

A company’s brand is dynamic.  Every experience, whether a commercial, catchy slogan or jingle, product purchase, or even a friend’s interaction with a company, shapes how we perceive them.  Logos are important, but open dialogue is more so.

All companies need to cut marketing costs and get online where the services are free, or very cheap.  New, smaller businesses can take advantage of replacing traditional marketing with social media marketing.  Their revenue is already less than that of big companies, and if they try to market like established corporations have historically done, they will fall flat.

There is a pattern in the lessons of our blogs.  Successful organizations use social media, unsuccessful ones fail to do so.  The climate is changing, and companies have to keep up; the way they communicate, the fluidity of their message, and the dramatic importance that should be given to their brand.  Every company needs to use online media regularly and engagingly, allow your corporate suite to buy in to a blog, and be accessible to any and all interested parties.

-Daniel Benn


~ by goodpackagedconsumers on October 29, 2012.